The Big Sky country of Montana offers rivers to raft (or fly fish), Glacier National Park, and the entrance to Yellowstone

Ah, Montana!
Ah, Montana!

Two Rivers Run through It - I was probably underwater for only 45 seconds, but it felt like five minutes. Partly this was because I was unable to breathe, and partly because I was unsure if the violently churning water would ever stop battering my body against the rocks and spit me out of the 18-foot-deep sinkhole at the bottom of Tumbleweed rapids... Full Story

A Pow Wow in South DakotaTracking wolves through the Yellowstone winter - We're going to follow that bald eagle up the river," said Leslie Quinn as we watched the magnificent bird flap past. Leslie threw into gear his bright yellow Bombadier—a vintage 1960s snowcoach shaped like a gumdrop reclining on tank treads—and crunched up the snow-packed road into the heart of the world's oldest national park... Full Story

Snowmobiling the Continental Divide - The only thought that registered I flew off the edge of the snowcliff was that the little bush over which I was sailing was actually the tiptop of a 40-foot spruce tree. Luckily, the drop to the snowbank on the other side was only about five feet. As I plowed into it I gunned my engine, shot right through the bank in a huge plume of powder, and went roaring off along the ridge line that marks the Continental Divide... Full Story

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