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What you need to know to travel to Antarctica

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Intrepid Travel
• Antarctic PeninsulaPartner (10 days)
• Antarctica & Sub-Antarctic IslandsPartner (19 days)
• Antarctica & Weddell SeaPartner (12 days)
• Antarctica & Polar CirclePartner (12 days)

G Adventures
• Antarctica ClassicG Adventures(11 days)
• Antarctica Classic in DepthG Adventures (13 days)
• Antarctica Classic PackageG Adventures (14 days)
• Quest for the Antarctic CircleG Adventures (14 days)
•  Quest for the Antarctic Circle PackageG Adventures (17 days)
•  Spirit of ShackletonG Adventures (20 days)
•  Spirit of Shackleton PackageG Adventures (23 days)
•  Patagonia Experience & Antarctica ClassicG Adventures (20 days)
•  Patagonia Experience & Antarctica Classic in DepthG Adventures (22 days)
•  Patagonia Experience & Quest for the Antarctic CircleG Adventures (23 days)
•  Lake Districts of Patagonia & Antarctica ClassicG Adventures (21 days)
•  Lake District of Patagonia & Antarctica Classic in DepthG Adventures (23 days)

Antarctica lies at the ends of the Earth, the highest and driest landmass on the planet, home to 90% of the world's ice, about 3,000 people, and millions upon millions of penguins.

It also sees 33,824 visitors a year (those are for the 2010–11 season, down from a high of 46,265 in 2007–08).

Of those, fewer than 19,500 actually set foot on the Seventh Continent (the rest are on 500+-passenger cruise ships that merely ply the waters without making any landings).

That means a trip to Antarctica will have you joining a very select group of travelers. Here's how.

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