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Longtail boats in Thailand

Thailand is a land of golden wats and hill tribe village treks, of riding in tuk-tuks and atop elephants, of pondering the bridge over the River Kwai, » Thailand in a nutshellswimming under waterfalls, chilling on idyllic beaches, and thrilling to the chaos and excitement of Bangkok, one of Asia's most brilliant and rewarding megalopolises. Thailand might be well discovered, but surprisingly this hasn't spoiled it (much). As popular as it gets, as firmly onto the tourist path it strays, Thailand remains a beautifully rich country to explore—and an astounding bargain.

How much does a trip to Thailand cost?

It's hard to get around the high cost of transpacific airfare to get to Thailand. Once you're over there, though, everything is pretty inexpensive... Full Story


L.A. – Bangkok
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8 days, no air
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For You Residence
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full meal with beer
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Day trip

Khao Yai Park & elephant ride
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Top attractions in Thailand

#1: Bangkok

The Reclining Buddha in the This sprawling, overwhelming metropolis is home to such marvels as the National Museum (Southeast Asia's most encyclopedic collection of art and cultural artifacts), the Grand Palace and Wat Phraw Kaew (Temple of the Honorable Emerald Buddha, a wonder of Asia), the Wat Pho monastery complex (where the world's top Thai masseuses and masseurs train—and practice on tourists for just $12 an hour), and an impressive collection of cheap hotels and banana pancake/Internet access shacks lining the alleyways off Khao San Road, the center of the backpacker universe for Southeast Asia... Full Story
More Top Stops

2. Thai islands - Chill on the beach
3. Chiang Mai - A northern city of 300 temples
4. Hill tribes - Trek to visit the jungle villages of ethnic minorities
5. Ayutthaya - The ancient capital of Siam on a river island
6. Kachanaburi - Of WWII and the Bridge over the River Kwai
7. Chiang Rai - The capital of the Golden Triangle
8. Sukhothai - A medieval city
9. Khao Yai National Park
10. Phuket - Thailand's over-crowded beach capital
Hidden lagoons and jungle treks

A Daytrip through the Ang Thong Marine Park islands off Koh Samui in Thailand I was waist-deep in the stagnant water of a Southeast Asian jungle river, having Vietnam-movie flashbacks, when, suddenly, something slithered past my leg... Full Story

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