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When I think of Spain, my thoughts linger on the magnificent museum of Madrid and the charms and Art Nouveau architecture of Barcelona but soon move on to... Wait, that's not true. Mostly, my thoughts linger on hot, sugar-encrusted churros bought on a street corner and oozing grease through the paper wrapper.

But after those memories of churros and Madrid and Barcelona, my thoughts turn to linger on the sunny southlands of Seville and Andalucia, homeland of most everything we think of as Spanish—flamenco, bull-fighting, long siestas and even longer nights—and a land firmly stamped by the mixed Hispano-Moorish heritage.

The best of Spain

Hotel Casa Morisca, GranadaBarcelona - Take a stroll up the sun-dappled pedestrian boulevard of La Rambla in Barcelona, ogling the sidewalk stands and performers while a breeze sweeps up from the harborside end to tickle your back, and later head to the heights of Park Güell, a park-cum-fantasy landscape designed by Moderisme master Gaudí, architect of the (ongoing) Sagrada Familia cathedral... » more

Madrid for Free - The very best free things to see and do in Madrid, Spain... » more


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