Planes, trains, & automobiles

Transportation options for getting around on your next trip: Car rentals, no-frills airlines, short-term leases, ferries, campervans, cruises, and barges

This is the planes, trains, and automobiles section. It's devoted to how to rent a car, pick the right railpass, hop ferries to Greece (or wherever), connect far-flung cities cheaply by flying no-frills airlines, and charter sailboats to tour the Greek isles or Turkish coast (or hire a barge in France or England).

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Saving money on airfares
No-frills in Europe
No-Frills around the world
  Sleeping in airports


Europe's rail system
Tickets & reservations
Overnight trains
Train safety
Train stations
Saving money on rail travel


Car Rentals
Short-term leases
Air-car packages
Driving in Europe
  Road signs
  Metric system
Saving money on rental cars
Top 10 drives in Europe

  Avoid the cruise money pits
  DIY shore excursions
  City cruises
  Transatlantic cruises
  Cruising fjords
  Expedition cruises
Renting a river barge
Chartering a boat
Crewing a boat


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