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Planning your time in Europe

How to make the most of your trip to Europe, from tourist seasons to festivals to perfect touring itineraries

The most popular time to travel may not be the best, or provide the most memorable trip, and by and large the "tourist season" is not the one you want. Paris in January? Lovely. Athens in August? Fuggidaboutit!

Picking your time can be as important as picking your place—do you plan to hit the grape harvest, or ride into town during the annual folk festival or the start of opera season?

Sure, a trip to Europe will probably be fantastic at any time, but do a little homework and you can make it happen at precisely the right time to have the time of your life.

This section will walk you through the boring-but-important factors in the timing of your trip (weather, seasons in Europe, and time zones) as well as some of the more enjoyable factors: festivals (both in general and a list of the top 10 festivals in Europe), how much time to budget in each of the major cities, and a list of perfect itineraries to squeeze the most out of your European vacation.


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This article was last updated in August 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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