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A hike through the forest to towering waterfalls off the Appalachian Trail. A drive around the gentle farmland of Amish country, where people still get about by buggy and plow their fields behind a lumbering team of Clydesdales. A day amid the grandiose mansions and world-renowned gardens of the Du Pont dynasty.

Within 1 1/2 hour's escape from Philadelphia (2 to 4 hours from New York City) lie some of Pennsylvania's richest and most rewarding regions to explore. And just down the road from those pricey honeymoon resorts in the Poconos, the tour-bus smorgasbords in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the steep admissions to Brandywine Valley sights lie cheap gems of hostels and motels, family-style farm restaurants, and tax-free shopping just waiting for the budget traveler to discover...

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On the Rocks - Hiking the Appalachian TrailOn the Rocks—Hiking the Appalachian Trail - Every time we stopped, it began sleeting. Sometimes, it became tiny hail or freezing rain or fat snowflakes, but in any form it was marvelous incentive to keep moving down the trail... >> Full Story

Tales from the UndergroundTales from the Underground—Caving in Central PA- It felt as if an hour since I had last drawn a full breath. I was on my belly, arms outstretched to pull myself forward with clawed fingers, head turned sideways to fit through the ever-narrowing horizontal crack between two layers of rock... >> Full Story

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