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Free museums, monuments, sights, parks, gardens, markets, and experiences in Europe, plus sightseeing discount passes is a sister site to, a guidebook to major European cities with a twist—only things that are free are described.

That means sights that are always free, some that are free at certain times of day or the week, and most churches and cathedrals (London and Florence are two exceptions). It also includes parks and gardens, marketplaces, and plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

This section also covers discount passes and sightseeing cards that can save you big bucks when visiting the major sights that do charge admission.

As the Catalunyans say, "Of things that are free, you must fill your basket." You bring the basket. Here's what you can fill it with.


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This article was last updated in August 2007. All information was accurate at the time.

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