Sightseeing tips

Tips, tricks, and resources for sightseeing in Europe

Odds are, no matter what reasons you have for visiting Europe, sightseeing is somewhere number one on the list.

The tips and resources in this section can help with everything from devising a plan of attack each day to where you can pick up passes to save big on admissions, tips on visiting museums and Top 10 lists of the best sights in europe by category (castles, museums, palaces, parks, masterpieces, etc.), as well as sightseeing tours you can sign up for and how to find a private guide (or, in some cities, a free greeter).

You can find sights that are totally free of charge and microtours to help you get to know the place better, get the inside scoop on overloading on culture at the theater and operas—and advice on how to deal with cultural overload after a week of Old Masters and arias.

There's also a section on tips for shooting better photos and video footage so that you bring home interesting images to stimulate your memories in years to come, and not just snapshots of the family planted in front of famous monuments.

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