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MünchenMunich - Hoist a liter-sized beer stein and discover how a city can harbor both the oompah-band cheeriness of Bavaria and the refinement of a cultural center financed by a cutting-edge industrial sector... » more
Schloss Veldenstein, a Castle-hotel in GermanyGerman Castle-Hotels - It doesn’t take a royal treasury to become king or queen of the castle for a night in Southern Germany. In fact, it can cost less than a three-star hotel... » more
The Baden-Wurttemburg region of GermanyBaden-Württemburg - This southwestern-most corner of Germany is home to the fairy-tale Black Forest and Germany's own motor city—Stuttgart, where both Porsche and Daimler Mercedes-Benz have nifty museums—to flower islands and the Zeppelin Museum on Lake Constance, and to Ritter Sport chocolates, Steiff teddy bears, and the puzzles of Ravensburger, still made in the tower-ringed medieval town where they started.... » more
Schloss NeuschwansteinNeuschwanstein Castle - Ever wonder where Walt Disney got the idea for that precious Cinderella castle at his theme parks? He drew direct inspiration, and even some architectural blueprints, right from Bavaria's storybook castle, Neuschwanstein... » more
MünchenBavaria - Germany's southern Bavaria region is a land of beer gardens, Romantic castles, half-timbered villages, green countryside, and baroque churches. Bavaria is, in short, pretty much exactly what we think of when we think: "Germany."... » more
Dinkelsbühl, RomantischestrasseThe Romantic Road - The 180-mile Romantischestrasse from Würzburg to Füssen meanders through Franconia, Swabia, and Bavaria to the foothills of the Alps, passing hamlets, medieval walled villages, and towns established by the Romans, including Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl (pictured), Nördlingen, and Augsburg... » more

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