The land of Vikings and fjords, polar bears and peace prizes, calving glaciers and the Aurora Borealis

Oslo in a day - How to see the greatest hits of Oslo—from Munch's The Scream to 1,200-year-old Viking longships—in just half a day...and at less than half the cost most people pay... Full Story

Cruising the Norwegian Fjords - From the classic "Norway in a Nutshell" whirlwind to languid coastal voyages from Bergen all the way up to Kirkenes, here are the best ways to cruise the fjord-crinkled coast of Norway... Full Story

A walrus chilling on an iceberg in Spitzbergen, Svalbard, Norway.The Polar Bear kingdom of Svalbard - The northernmost inhabited place on Earth is Spitsbergen, a realm of massive glaciers, hungry polar bears, Russian miners, mad scientists, whales and reindeer—and it's closer to the North Pole than Norway...  more

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