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If you like your road trips in pre-approved segments, several books, magazines, and Web sites detail drives carefully constructed to link fascinating sights and towns along some of the country's most scenic stretches of road.

Road trip guidebooks

Websites and online magazines

There's an excellent Website (no print version) called chock full of tips, routes, and resources.

Reid's road trips

Prefer your road trip guides in bite-sized chunks rather than epic cross-country routes? Well, thre are a few of my own treasured Road Trips that I have posted on this site (one for each corner of the country: Southern Utah, Mid-Coast Maine, the Mississippi Delta, and Washington's Olympic Peninsula).

Magazine road trip articles

Also try the regular Road Trip features run by several travel magazines and collected on their Web sites:

America's Byways

Last but certainly not least are the official (designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation) America's Byways, 150+ stretches of distinctive, scenic, or historic road from the 1,707-mile Great River Road that parallels the mighty Mississippi to the 4.5-mile Las Vegas Strip ( Full story


Rand McNally 2009 Road Atlas: US, Canada, MexicoRand McNally Road Atlas: US, Canada, Mexico - Hey, you gotta know where you're going, and a good map book is the place to start. Maybe it's just me, but I love maps. I love to look at them and mentally retrace old adventures, and dream of new ones along roads I haven't yet been down.

DeLorme map of UtahDeLorme Atlas & Gazeteer state maps - Insanely detailed, frighteningly priced (they list for $19.95, though B&N sells them from $17.05), and worth every penny. Just about every single road, including dirt ones, in each state is not only shown on these maps, but named. Before the advent of GPS, these were the only way to ensure you would never, ever get lost no matter how far off the beaten track you drove. Each atlas covers an individual state in its entirety with detailed, full-color topographic maps. Details include back roads, hidden lakes, boat ramps, hiking trails, campgrounds, public lands, forests, wetlands and more. The Gazetteer sections feature information on places to go and things to do. These atlases are year-round favorites with outdoors enthusiasts and anyone who likes to leave the main roads behind.

Tours Under $995 G Adventures

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