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Guidebooks to help plan your next road trip

America's Byways- Officially designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation these 125 stretches of distinctive, scenic, or historic roads range from the 1,707-mile Great River Road that parallels the mighty Mississippi to the 4.5-mile Las Vegas Strip ( Full story

Highway guides - A few books to make even the Interstate more interesting, from knowing what's at the next several exits to discovering what fabulous local eatery awaits, hidden just down the road from those exits... Full Story

Road trip guides - If you like your road trips in pre-approved segments, several books, magazines, and Web sites detail drives carefully constructed to link fascinating sights and towns along some of the country's most scenic stretches of road... Full Story

Specialty guides - In addition to generic guidbooks, there are dozens of specialty guides to the U.S.A.—covering variously national and state parks, eccentric sights, factory tours, food, or some other subject—that can make any trip (or trip-planning) go more smoothly... Full Story

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