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Hong Kong is the commercial epicenter of Asia, a glittering capitalist gem of skyscrapers and neon on the coast of communist China. Ancient junks jostle with massive container ships in the harbor, and the Lan Kwai Fong bars host a cross-section of world cultures.

You can get a hand-stitched suit made to measure for $250 and toast your new duds atop Victoria Peak with its sweeping panorama. And for once, the exchange rate doesn't matter: the Hong Kong dollar is pegged directly to the US$ (US$1=HK$7.78), so it fluctuates with us.

Stay: $89 at Rosedale on the Park, a Best Western affiliate at the corner of Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island's Causeway Bay (i.e.: not the Kowloon tourist ghetto).

Dine: $10-$15 at a cheap joint, $30 at a moderate restaurant.

Package: $1,270 for air, 5 nights, city tour, walking tours, and a cultural experience like tai chi or a tea ceremony (877-523-0565, www.asianaffairholidays.com).

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