Cheap Airfare Step 7: Sign up for deals newsletters

The best airfares are touted in wonderful (and free) deals newsletters

E-mailed newsletters (or Twitter feeds) devoted to travel deals that arrive in your inbox automatically are the single best source for keeping on top of the vast variety of airfare bargains, vacation sales, trip promotions, special offers, package deals, and affordable travel tips.

Newsletters are wonderful, they're stupendous, they're unbeatable sources of bargains—and I'm not just saying that because, back in 2002/2003, my day job was writing ten stories a week for one of the biggest (the sadly now-defunct "Budget Travel Today" newsletter from

Best of all, they're free.

I find that just signing up for the following deals newsletters—plus the E-saver for my own local airline (the one that uses my local airport as a hub)—saves the clutter in my inbox while still getting me the skinny on great deals, both last-minute and coming-up-soon.

Deals Newsletters

Here are the best of the deals newsletters and sales roundups:

Twitter feeds of travel deals

Airfare aggregator (owned by has become the first to leverage the power of Twitter to alert travelers to the best deals they can use. has begun tweeting what is calls "Real-Time Flight Deals" via Twitter. These are not just any and every sale. It is a daily, interactive compendium of only the sales of use to you, since every sale fare is for flights that leave out of your nearest gateway (assuming, at least for now, you live in a major metropolitan area).

That's because, instead of some generalized Twitter feed—currently the case with most travel sites and airfare specialists—with you sign up for the individual Twitter feed for your nearest gateway city (20 currently available, 20 more to come in the weeks ahead). That means all you will receive are deals leaving from the airports in and around that city. Brilliant.

To put that in perspective, the Twitter feeds from other search engines and aggregator sites merely tout the occasional sale at random, balanced with other travel news reporting and the typical RT "re-tweet" shout-outs.'s Twitter presence, however, is aggressively targeted to the deals and nothing but the deals—and, what's more, only those in which you might partake.

A quick look revels that the various Twitter feeds for each city tweet a new deal nearly every day, sometimes two or three in a day. Each provides the bare-bones basics of the bargain, along with a link for more information.

Here are a few, just from one week, from the New York City feed (as the actual deals won't be available by the time you read this, I've removed the links to declutter):

Why should I bother with an airfare deals Twitter feed?

As savvy travelers well know, often the best airfare deals are what are know as "loss-leaders," meaning that only a few seats or dates are available at the low, sale price to spur interest. After those slots sell out, the price goes up.

This makes it vital to know about any sale the instant it becomes available—and a Tweet chirping up onto your screen is the best way to do that.

The site is not yet touting this service on its homepage; the links to the individual city Twitter feeds are instead buried in a press release about the new service. The direct link to this release is long and unwieldy, so just go to, click on "Press Room," and you can find it—as well further announcements as expands this program.

As a shortcut, here are the Twitter feeds for the current crop of cities:

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