Saving money on vacation

Money matters when traveling—Credit cards and ATMs, traveler's checks and getting VAT taxes back from customs, and how to save money every step of the way, both when planning a trip and while taking a vacation

This section covers all the money issues, from how to get the best exchange rate and using credit cards and ATMs abroad to how to get the VAT tax refunded. And, of course, the main point of...well, really this entire site: how to save money on your trip.

Here are all the shortcuts to find ways to cut costs on airfare, rail travel, rental cars, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, and more—along with some of the worst ideas I've run across where people try to save money but really end up just short-changing their vacations.

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Changing money
Credit cards
Traveler's checks
Cold hard cash
Wiring money
Rip-offs & scams


10 Steps to cheaper airfare
Use no-frills airlines
Save on trains
Save on car rentals
Save on hotels
Sleep for free
Save on dining
Save on sightseeing
Free sightseeing
Honeymoon tips
Worst savings tips


Europe's top gifts
Top shopping tips
Top 10 markets
Art of haggling
Clothing sizes
Metric system
Getting VAT back
US customs


Tours Under $995 G Adventures

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