Zum Koreaner

The dining room at Zum Koreaner restaurant, Munich
The upstairs dining room at the Nymphenburg location of Zum Koreaner, Munich.

Tasty, cheap, authentic Korean food in Munich

OK, OK. I know you came to Munich for bratwurst and beer—but sometimes that heavy German food can get just a wee bit overwhelming. That's where something like Korean cuisine can come in handy.

This started as a simple take-out joint in the trendy Schwabing district, but its low prices on excellent Korean staples like bulgogi (tasty marinated beef on fried rice), bibim bap (stir-fried vegtables on rice, meat and spice optional), and of course kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) has led it to expand to a second location near the Schloss Nymphenburg at Nymphenburgerstrasse 132 (U-Bahn: Rotkreuzplatz; tel. +49-(0)89/1898-5993).


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