The dining room at the Hofbrauhaus restaurant, Munich
Photos: BBMC Tobias Ranzinger

The most famous bierhalle in Munich

Hofbrauhaus Muenchen Serving liter-sized mugs of beer in the beer garden of Munich's the Hofbraühaus
(Photos: BBMC Tobias Ranzinger)
The most famous tavern in Munich—heck, probably the most famous beer hall in the entire world—is the Hofbräuhaus.

The current building is only about 100 years old, but a Hofbräuhaus has been here since 1589. Though perpetually chockablock with out-of-towners these days, it's still fun.

The Hofbräuhaus is state-run, can seat 4,500 people over three floors (there's dancing on the fourth), and provides the requisite oompah music from 11am right on through until closing at 11:30pm. (The daily Bavarian folk evening show starts at 8pm.)

If you can't be in Munich for Oktoberfest, this place will give you a pretty good idea of what you're missing.



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