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World Nomads
24/7 tutor (free)
Cool Gorilla (99¢)
Word Roll (99¢)
Odyssey ($9.99)
Lonely Planet ($9.99)

Cost: Free Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

Platform: iPhone

Languages: 7 — Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Usability: These are more aimed at full language learning than travel phrases, but if you click on the "study guide" for each category you are presented with dozens upon dozens of useful words, all with audio clip pronunciations.

Perhaps more useful are the "Phrases" series

Frustrations: It's only available in Spanish, French, and German—with more basic versions also available in Italian and Russian.

You can only get the "Lite" editions for free. The full-fledged "Tutor" apps (or the more handy "Phrases" apps) each cost $7.99 to $9.99—probably not worth it.

Download: Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

Details: www.247tutor.com

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