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Where to stay on Fiji and how much Fiji hotels cost

Hotel Waisalima Beach Resort & Dive Centre on Kadavu Island, Fiji
The Waisalima Beach Resort & Dive Centre on Kadavu Island, Fiji, where thatched huts right on the beach go for $180 a night. Full Story
You can get a room in Fiji for as little as $30 for a double room—though expect most inexpensive properties to be in the $50 to $90.

There are plenty of resorts right on the beach where you can get a sea-view bure (thatched hut) or bungalow for $100 to $200 a night.

This being the South Pacific, you can, of course, pay a whole lot more (on the order of $250 to $600). Or you can crash on a dorm bed in a hostel-like property for as little as $9.

The resources listed to the right (and the booking window to the left), can help you find the perfect places for your budget and travel plans.

Hotels in Fiji

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