A handy dandy Catalan phrase sheet

A traveler's cheat sheet on how to say the basics and ask important questions in Catalan, the language of Barcelona

Catalan—the language spoken in Barcelona and the rest of Spain's Catalonia region, as well as on the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Majorca, etc.) and in Valencia—is not Spanish, nor is it a dialect of Spanish. It is its own langauge (though it is still a Romance language, so it sounds a bit like a cross between Spanish and French, with a dash of Italian and some Portuguse on the side).

Yes, most people in Barcelona also speak and understand Spanish, but it's far more polite to try to speak their actual language.

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English = Anglès (un-GLAYS) Catalan = Català (cah-tah-LA)
Thank you Gràcies (GRAH-see-yuhs)
Please Sisplau (sees-PLOW)
Yes (see)
No No (no)
Do you speak English? Parles anglès? (PAR-lus un-GLAYS)
I don't understand No l'entenc (noh LEN-tenk)
I'm sorry Em sap greu (em sahp GREH-you)
Good day Bon dia (bohn DEE-yah)
Good afternoon Bona tarda (BOHN-ah TAR-da)
Good night Bona nit (BOHN-ah neet)
Goodbye Adéu (ah-DAY-yo)
Excuse me (to get attention) Excuseu-me (ex-COO-zoo-mee) [or] Disculpi (dee-SKOOL-pee)
Excuse me (to apologize) Perdoni (pair-DOHN-ee)
Where is? On és? (OHN ays)
...the bathroom el lavabo (el la-VAH-boh)
How much is it? Quant val? (kwahnt BAHL) [or] Quant costa (kwahnt KOH-sta)
That's too much És massa car (es MAH-sah kar)


Where is? On és? (OHN ays)
...the train station l'estació de tren (es-tah-SYO day trehn)
...the subway (metro) el metro (el MAY-tro)
...the bus stop el parada (el pah-RAH-duh)
to the right a la dreta (ah lah DREHT-ah)
to the left a la esquerra (ah lah es-SQUARE-ah)
straight ahead sequeixi tot recte (say-GWEE-shee toht REK-tuh)
ticket bitllet (beet-lee'YET)
first class primer classe (PREE-mair KLAH-say)
second class segona classe (seh-GO-nah KLAH-say)
one way senzill (sen-ZEAL)
round trip (return) d'anda i tornada (don-DAH ee tor-NAH-dah)
Just the supplement només el suplement (no-MAYS el soo-play-MENT)
Just a seat reservation només una reserva (no-MAYS OO-nah ree-SAIR-bah)
I have a Eurailpass Tenc un Eurailpass (tehng oon YOO-rail-pas)
sleeping couchette una litera (OON-ah lee-TAIR-ah)
berth in a sleeping car una litera en un cotxe-lit (OON-ah lee-TAIR-ah en oon COAT-shay-LEET)
track via (BEE-yah)


hotel un hotel (oon oh-TEL)
B&B / rental room pension (pen-see-YOHN)
apartment / flat apartament (ah-par-tah-MENT)
single room una habitació individual (OO-nah ah-bee-ta-thee-YOH in-dee-vee-doo-YAHL)
double room with two beds una habitació doble amb dos llits (OO-nah ah-bee-ta-thee-YOH DOH-blay ahm dohs YEETS)
double room with one bed una habitación doble amb un llit de matrimoni (OO-nah ah-bee-ta-thee-YOH DOH-blay ahm oon yeet mah-tree-MOAN-ee)
for one night per una nit (pair OO-nah neet)
for two nights per dues nits (pair DOO-yehs neets)
with bath / without bath amb bany (ahm BAH-nyuh) / sense bany (SEN-say BAH-nyuh)
Is breakfast included? s'inclou esmorzar? (seen-CLUE ess-MOHR-zar)
May I see the room? Puc veure l'habitació? (pook bay-YOUR lah-bee-ta-thee-YOH)


restaurant un restaurant (oon res-tau-RAHNT)
casual restaurant una tascas (oon-nah TAH-skas)
table for two Una taula per dos (oo-nah TOWEL-ah pair dohs)
I would like Voldria (vohl-DREE-ya)
...some (of) una mica (de) (OO-na MEE-ka (day))
...of this / of that d'això (dye-SHO) / d'aquest (dah-QWEST)
and i (ee)
...a glass of... un vaso de (oon BAH-soh day)
...a bottle of... una botella de (oon boh-TAY-yah day)
...fizzy water aigua amb gas (AY-gwah ahm gahs)
...still water aigua sense gas (AY-gwah SEN-say gahs)
...tap water aigua de l'aixeta (AY-gwah day lie-SHET-tah)
...red wine vi negre (bee NAY-gray)
...white wine vi blanc (bee blahnk)
...beer una cerveza (OO-nah sair-B'VAY-sah)
Check, please el compte si us plau? (el KOHMP-tay see yous PLOW)
Is service included? S'inclou el servei? (seen-CLEW el sair-BAY)

Time & numbers

When is it open? Quan s'obri? (kwan so-BREE)
When does it close? Quan tancar? (kwan tahn-CAR)
Yesterday ahir (ah-EEr)
Today avui (ah-BWEE)
Tomorrow demà (duh-MAH)
Monday Dilluns (dee-LYOONS)
Tuesday Dimarts (dee-MARTS)
Wednesday Dimecres (dee-MEH-kruhs)
Thursday Dijous (dee-DJOOS)
Friday Divendres (dee-BEN-druhs)
Saturday Dissabte (dee-SAAB-tuh)
Sunday Diumenge (dee-you-MEN-djuh)
1 un / una (oon / OO-nah) [masculine / feminine]
2 dos / dues (dohs / DOO-es) [masculine / feminine]
3 tres (trehs)
4 quatre (KWAH-treh)
5 cinc (seenk)
6 sis (sees)
7 set (set)
8 huit [or] vuit (weet [or] BOO-weet)
9 nou (NO-ou)
10 deu (DAY-ou)
11 onze (OHN-zuh)
12 dotze (DOHT-zuh)
13 tretze (TRET-zuh)
14 catorze (cah-TORE-zuh)
15 quinze (KEEN-zuh)
16 setze (SET-zuh)
17 disset (dees-SET)
18 divuit (see-boo-WEET)
19 dinou (dee-NO-ou)
20 vint (been)
21 vint-i-u (been-tee-OO)
22 vint-i-dos (been-tee-DOHS)
30 trenta (TREN-tah)
40 quaranta (kwa-RAHN-tah)
50 cinquanta (seen-KWAN-tah)
60 seixanta (say-SHAHN-tah)
70 setanta (seh-TAHN-tah)
80 vuitanta (boo-ee-TAN-tah)
90 noranta (noh-RAHN-tah)
100 cent (sent)
1,000 mil (meel)


Catalan pronunciation notes

Catalan shares some of its pronunciation quirks with Spanish—like the double-l "yuh" sound, and (sometimes) pronouncing a "v" like a "b." However, they do no "lisp" their c's and z's as in the Castillian Spanish ceceo.

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