Barcelona buses

Riding the bus in Barcelona

Useful Catalán
bitllet - Ticket
senzill - One way
d'anda i tornada - Round trip
a - To (as in a destination)

uno - One
dos - Two

si us plau - Please
gràcies - Thanks

The bus (and new tram) system in Barcelona is best used to fill in the gaps where the Metro doesn't quite get you where you want to go (or just when you get tired of walking).

It uses the same tickets and passes as the rest of the public transport system.

The major bus terminus for the city is Plaça de Cataluyna.

Every sight, hotel, and restaurant on this site will indicate which buses pass close by.

Daytime buses run betwen 4:25am and 11pm, with a system of night buses (easily regonizable, as their numbers start with "N") taking over for the wee hours.

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Get a Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card gets you unlimited rides on all forms of city transport (Metro, bus, funicular, etc.), plus free entry to 20 sights, and discounts (usually 20%) at most other sights, plus on activites, shops, and shows.

It comes with a guidebook, and in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-day versions ($45–$80).

It's the best investment you make on a trip to Barcelona. » more

How long should I spend in Barcelona?

If you're just passing through, I'd give Barcelona at least two full days.

It is a lovely place to relax, however, so you might be happier spending 3-4 days.

» Barcelona itineraries

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Sightseeing passes: Barcelona Card (20+ sights; transport; discounts), Museum Pass (6 sights)

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