Dinky Dinkelsbühl is a postcard-perfect village on Southern Germany's Romantic Road

Dinkelsbühl, Germany
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Dinkelsbühl has no particular sights other than its own half-timbered medieval self.

It has pretty much been singled out as the one quaint little village to be sacrificed to the tour-bus schedule, and is therefore perpetually a bit crowded.

Fortunately, this hasn't stopped it from remaining charming in its simple way.

The sights of Dinkelsbühl

A horse-drawn carriage on the streets of DinkelsbühlIf you're taking the tour bus, you'll have some time here.

Spend it in the 15th-century Georgenkirche (climb the belltower for lovely views) and simply wandering the pretty, sobblestone streets lined with 16th-century gabled houses.

There's not much to see in Dinkelsbühl, and that's kind of the point.

Where to eat in Dinkelsbühl

Grab a bite at the Deutsches Haus on the central Weinmarkt, with a woodsy Fanconian interior and tables out on the sunny terrace in summer. (It is also reviewed as a hotel below.) Weinmarkt 3, tel. +49-(0)9851/6058, www.deutsches-haus-dkb.de.

Where to stay in Dinkelsbühl

Hotel Deutsches Haus, Dinkelsbühl, GermanyHotel Deutsches Haus [€€] is an historic four-star hotel smack on the main square in town across from the church, with free WiFi, half-timbered charm, and ten comfy old-fashioned rooms. Doubles start at €129. Weinmarkt 3, tel. +49-(0)9851/6058, www.deutsches-haus-dkb.de. Full Story

Dinkelsbühler Kunst-Stuben, Dinkelsbühl, GermanyHotel Dinkelsbühler Kunst-Stuben [€] is a fabulous little hotel of 14 rooms in an artist's house (you can peek into the studio). A very homey place, including a comfortable library and inner courtyards. Doubles from €85. Segringer Strasse 52; +49-(0)9851/6750; www.kunst-stuben.de. Full Story

Hotel Haus Appelberg, Dinkelsbühl, GermanyHotel Haus Appelberg [€] is a thoroughly Bavarian three-star hotel in a restored 15th century farmhouse in the center (yes, back then there were farms inside the city walls). Doubles from €87. Nördlinger Strasse 40; tel. +49-(0)9851/582-838; www.haus-appelberg.de. Full Story

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