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Even if you're the most die-hard do-it-yourselfer, you might want to consider a study tour. Although most people's image of the traditional tour is big bus stuffed with Americans in Bermuda shorts hitting only the major attractions in a conga line of snapshot-ready sightseeing, plenty of smaller, more focused tours are out there. Some specialize in art and history, others in opera or cooking. You may visit Greek ruins with an archeologist, learn Celtic history at an Irish univeristy, or pay homage to the Shakespearean sights of England.

Our partners at ( let you compare hundreds of cultural and educational vacations from dozens of tour companeis and operators all at once:

Here are some other highly-regarded cultural and educational tour operators:

Smithsonian Journeys
( - If you missed out on study abroad in college, these brainy trou run by the best academics the Smithsnoian Institution can dig up might be just the ticket—albeit a pricey one. High quality stuff, here.

Alumni Holidays ( - AHI Travel runs the week-long, seminar-based educational trips used by many colleges and universities for their alumni programs.

The National Registration Center for Studies Abroad (, and the American Institute for Foreign Study (, can help you arrange study programs and summer programs abroad. Also contact your alma mater—or any college or university for that matter—to see whether they offer summer tours open to the public and guided by a professor.

Earthwatch ( offers education-packed participation in worldwide archaeological digs, animal behavioral patterns studies, and other opportunities to engage in academic and scientific fieldwork.

Two clearinghouses for information on language schools around the world are Cactus Language Training( and Lingua Service Worldwide (


Intrepid Travel

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