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The best things to see and do in Dublin

Dublinia Viking Museum (left) and Christ Church Cathedral (right), two of the top sights in Dublin.Dublinia Viking Museum (left) and Christ Church Cathedral (right), two of the top sights in Dublin.

Book of Kells at Trinity College, Dublin★★★ Trinity College & The Book of Kells - Ireland's most famous university—which matriculated the likes of Jonathan Swift, Thomas Moore, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Samuel Beckett—is home to the world's most famous medieval illuminated manuscript: the Book of Kells... Full Story
Dublin's National Museum of Archaeology and History★★★ National Museum of Archaeology & History - If you're into antiquities and Celtic civilization, make a beeline for Ireland's foremost archeological collection (and a free museum), which spans prehistory to the middle ages... Full Story
★★★ St. Patrick's Cathedral - Gothic St. Patrick's—crowded with monuments to the likes of Jonathan Swift and Robert Boyle, and riddled with odd bits of history—is by far the more interesting of Dublin's two cathedrals... Full Story
Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin★★★ Christ Church Cathedral - Though the current structure is mainly Gothic—largely rebuilt in the 1870s after serving time as an indoor market—the remaining bits of the 12th-century Norman-style church erected here by Strongbow and his cohorts represent the oldest stone building in Dublin... Full Story
★★ National Gallery - As fine art museums go, Ireland's National Gallery is not the tops in Europe, but it is free, and it does have a few important works by major old masters (Caravaggio, Vermeer, Titian, Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, Degas) that make it a must for art lovers... Full Story
★★ Chester Beatty Library - Feel cheated by your 10-second glimpse of the Book of Kells? Spend as long as you like studying the gorgeously illustrated and astoundingly well preserved ancient tomes in this (free!) cornucopia of medieval and ancient manuscripts from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia... Full Story
Guinness factory tour★★ Guinness Storehouse - Tour seven stories of Guinness history at the venerable brewery itself, opened by Arthur Guinness in 1759 and, by the middle of the 19th century, the largest brewery in the world... Full Story
Dublin Castle★★ Dublin Castle - Dublin's 800-year-old seat of government retains some historic sections (and some Viking bits in the basement), but is otherwise the least "castley" of Irish castles... Full Story
Dublinia, teh Viking Museum of Dublin Dublinia - Suspend your Swiftian sarcasm for an hour to examine Viking-era and Norman-era Dublin at this Disneyesque mix life-sized dioramas, audio tours, and earnestly bad video acting that tries, and sometimes succeeds, to bring medieval Dublin to life... Full Story


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