Quick bites in Dublin

Grabbing a cheap, quick bite to eat in Dublin

You can barely walk three blocks in Dublin without passing at least a handful of fast food places—curry shacks, kebab places, noodle shops, pizzerie, chippies, and burger joints. The Epicurian Food Hall gathers more than a dozen under one roof (sort of mall food court without the mall).

For picnic grub, Bewley's has takeout, or you can hit up the gourmet counters of Lovin Catering (formerly the Gallic Kitchen) at 49 Francis St. (tel. +353-(0)1/454-4912, www.gallickitchen.com), where you can put together a meal of salmon en croûte, quiche, and pastries to enjoy on a grassy spot in St. Stephen's Green (where summertime brings open-air concerts), Merrion Square, or Phoenix Park.

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