Reid's List: Dublin

My favorite things to do in Dublin

Yes, yes, I dig all the major sights—seeing St. Paddy's and Christ Church, touring the Guinness Storehouse, admiring the Book of Kells, strolling St. Stephen's Green. But all the guidebooks tell you about those (as does the site, on the Top Sights in Dublin page).

Below, on the other hand, is my personal list of somewhat less famous sights and authentic Dublin experiences that no trip to Dublin would be complete without.

1) *** Pints on a pub crawl
2) ** Gorgeous ancient books at the Chester Beatty Library
3) ** Thematic walking tours
4) * Dublin Writers Museum
5) *** Student-led tours of Trinity College
6) * Georgian life at No. 29
7) * The mummies of St. Michan's church
8) ** Emigration lore on the Jeannie Johnston Famine Ship
9) * Take in a play
10) Do genealogical research

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