Chester Beatty Library

This museum of manuscripts is a bibliophile's and eastern art-lover's dream showcase of some of the most amazing ancient and medieval books collected in Europe

Feel cheated by your 10-second glimpse of the Book of Kells? Spend as long as you like studying the gorgeously illustrated and astoundingly well preserved ancient tomes in this cornucopia of medieval and ancient manuscripts from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa.

This museum hits on all three counts: the richness of the collection itself, the sheer artistic quality of the pieces, and their astounding state of preservation.

In fact, many works that are 200, 500, 800, even 4,700+ years old look like they just came off the press last week.

It even has an excellent cafe. What's not to love?

The collections

Egyptian papyri (some as old as 1160 BC), early Biblical works, illutrated copies of the Qu'an, 14th century books of Persian poetry, 17th century European atlases.

There are amazing 350-year-old Japanese painted scrolls in mint condition.

Mughal paintings on paper

bookbinding samples from the 15th to the 20th century from Europe, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt.

Geography hounds will be dlighted to see a compelte set of the Joan Blaeu's famous Great Atlas (composed in 1622, when he was just 26 years old), and Gerardus Mercator's edition of Ptolomy's Geography (1584).


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