Dublin's green double-decker buses ( cover the city and suburbs pretty well, but Dublin's core is very walkable.

To take a bus, hop on, say where you'll be getting off, and pay the driver (exact change; coins only), who charges you according to the distance traveled.

How much does the bus cost in Dublin?

Within the city center you pay a flat €0.50. Handily, this covers just about all of the tourist's city, from Parnell Square in the north to St. Stephen's Green on the south, and from Parliament Street/Dublin Castle in the west to Merrion Square in the east.

For longer trips, you pay by the stage, from €1.20 for stages 1–3 up to €3.60 for trips to the hinterlands of the suburbs.

Unless you plan to ride a lot, or are staying outside the center of town, the one-day (€6.20) or three-day (€13.50) unlimited-ride "Rambler" tickets won't be worth your while (though, as they do cover the €6 Airlink bus to and from the airport, it might work out if you plan properly).

If you do want the pass, you can buy one at the airport; many large new agents; Spar and Centra, and Londis stores; and at the main bus depot at 59 Upper O'Connell St.

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