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Beds in a shared dorm cost as little as €10 in Dublin, even in the heart of trendy Temple Bar

A dorm room at the central Avalon House hostel in Dublin
Beds cost €15 at Dublin's Avalon House hostel, bang in the center of the city, a ten-minute wlak from anythgin, with rental bikes, free WiFi, a games room, and a cinema room. Full Story
Yes, you can stay in Dublin for around €10 to €17 per person per night—so long as you are willing to share your room with three to eleven strangers in a hostel. (Though most hostels also offer private double rooms for €40 to €70.)

Dublin has a fair share of dorm-like hostels: from just a few rooms in a renovated Georgian townhouse off O'Connell Street, to the vast Generator Hostel in the Old Jameson Distillery complex, to beds above the popular musical pub Oliver St John Gogarty in the central Temple Bar district.

Thankfully, few still enforce the old, strict rules that used to make hostel life so miserable (early curfews, lockout times, limited office hours, etc.).

You do still, however, have to put up with other people snoring, and share a bath (sometimes semi-private and attached to the room, usually down the hall and shared with all guests of the same gender).

Dublin hostels

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