[[[Don't expect to hail a taxi as it drives by; Dublin taxis queue at ranks (stands) for their fares. You'll find ranks outside all the major hotels and transportation centers as well as on the busier streets, such as Upper O'Connell Street, College Green, and the north side of St. Stephen's Green.

You can also call a taxi. Try Access Taxis ([tel] 01/668-3333), Blue Cabs ([tel] 01/676-1111), or Co-op Taxis ([tel] 01/676-6666). The minimum charge for one passenger is £1.80 ($2.50) for the first mile or the first nine minutes. Then the charge is 80p ($1.15) per mile. Each additional passenger or suitcase is 40p (55¢). Between 8pm and 8am and all day Sunday there is an extra charge of 40p (55¢).]]]

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