The Dublin Area Rapid Transit is a commuter train line useful for daytrips on Dublin Bay and for those staying in Ballsbridge

The speedy electric train DART system is designed mostly for commuters (www.irishrail.ie). The only visitors who will likely have cause to use it are:

DART tickets and timetables

The DART is part of the Irish Rail system (www.irishrail.ie).

There are five to seven trains per hour.

Stops are about two to three minutes apart, at least within tourist Dublin (downtown and Ballsbridge).

Ticket prices depend on distance traveled, but for travel between Ballsbridge and the city center cost €1.70 one-way or €2.90 return (or €8.80 for a three-day pass).

Useful DART stops

As fare as downtown Dublin goes, there are really only five or six stops you may need worry about.

The three DART stops in the city center are:

The three DART stops in Ballsbridge are:

The Lansdowne Road station is just two stops from Pearse Station (4 minutes), Sandymont one stop farther (6 minutes), etc.

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