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Artsy, hopping Temple Bar is most people's favorite district of Dublin. It's a few streets along the Liffey packed with pubs, shops, bars, cafes, galleries, entertainment venues, and fun. The neighborhood even has its own tourist office, which publishes the worthwhile Temple Bar Guide.

Hotels in Temple Bar
These won't be the quiestest hotels in town—Temple Bar can party until 3am—but they are in the heart of the action.
*Temple Bar Hotel
• Harding Hotel
• Oliver St. John Gogartys Hostel

Wandering on your whims is the best way to visit Temple Bar, but a proper pub crawl here will include Flannery's (48 Temple Bar), The Norseman (Essex Street East), Oliver St. John Gogarty (57 Fleet St.), and its catercorner neighbor Auld Dubliner (Temple Bar and Anglesea Streets.). Clubbers can dress to the nines and wait in line for Club M (in Blooms Hotel at Anglesea Street) or The Kitchen (6-8 Wellington Quay), a trendy new joint partly owned by U2. (Dublin's hottest disco, though, is POD, far from Temple Bar on Harcourt Street.)



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