LUAS light rail in Dublin

Like the DART, Dublin's LUAS light rail system is really intended more for commuters than tourists.

The LUAS light rail in DublinDublin's LUAS light rail system ( currently has only two lines (which don't even connect up):

Tickets cost €1.50 within the city center (zone 1)—including all stops mentioned below. Download the LUAS system map here.

The LUAS Red Line

Frankly, unless your hotel is north of the Liffey, you will probably not use the LUAS Red Line—though, with a bit of walking, you could use it to get from the train station to hotels nearish the river in the downtown areas south of the Liffey (Christ Chruch, Temple Bar, Trinity College).

The Red Line comes in from the western suburbs to Heuston train station. From Heuston, it turns to cross to the north bank of the Liffey, then bascially follows the river, a block or two inland.

It stops at Museum (the National Museum of Decorative Arts), Smithfield (near the Old Jameson Distillery), Four Courts, Jervis (a few blocks north of Temple Bar), Abbey Street (just east of O'Connell Street), Busáras (the central bus station)—with a connection to Connolly (a DART station)—before finishing up with a few stops in the Docklands area east of downtown.

The LUAS Green Line

The LUAS Green Line runs from St. Stephen's Green south into the suburbs and as such is vitually useless to most tourists.

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