Musical Pub Crawl of Dublin

A few pints, a few songs, and a great way to learn more about Celtic music in the pubs of Dublin

If you have even the slightest interest in traditional Irish music—or if your only exposure to Celtic music is the New Wave stylings of Enya—take the Musical Pub Crawl, a touristy but fun guided walk of four Dublin pubs led by a pair of musicians.

They'll introduce you to several traditional instruments, a couple of songs and styles, and give you plenty of time to introduce yourself to Ireland's beer as you go. After this primer, you'll be well-armed to check out pubs on your own to find less contrived "sessions" (impromptu traditional jams) going on.

The tour begins in the upstairs room at Oliver St. John Gogarty's pub at the corner of Fleet and Anglesea Streets in Temple Bar. Show up at 7:30pm Saturday through Thursday (from May through October).



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