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London's enduring sightseeing oddity will always be that its greatest museums are free while its greatest churches (Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral) charge exorbitant entry fees.

Ah, well. At least these churches are free:

St. Martin-in-the-Fields - This perfect little 1726 churchlet anchoring the northeast corner of Trafalgar Square with its grandly small spire became part of the blueprint for the American colonial style—which may explain why the structure might look vaguely familiar to folks from the sorts of old towns in New England that still retain their church spires. St. Martin hosts a multitude of free music concerts at midday and in evening (just sit in a pew and listen), and there's a spiffy cheap cafe in the crypt underneath, where the little metal tables balance atop a worn tombstone paving. Brass rubbing, too (though that's costly)... Full Story

Westminster Cathedral - Not world-renowned Westminster Abbey—where all the famous dead blokes are buried (and you have to pay to pay your respects)—but rather London's Catholic cathedral. It's a typically flamboyant and inventive Victorian era (1895-1903) imitation of Italian Romanesque architecture, from the red striped bell tower to the rich marbles of the interior. Excellent summertime organ concerts every second Tuesday... Full Story


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