Lodging options in Bulgaria

From hotels to farm stays, apartments to B&Bs, castles to cottage rentals

Booking engine Venere.com can slash Sofia hotel rates by up to half, including at regal Neo-classical four-star Maria Luisa (02-980-5577, marialuisa.bol.bg, from €65 online), and comfy three-star Hotel Lion overlooking the Vladaiska River (02-917-8400, www.hotel-lion.net, from €39 online).

Hotel Boris Palace offers 19th-century class and boutique hotel styling in Plovdiv's old town (032-266-379, www.borispalace.com, from €55 online), or go even cheaper with the utterly simple but just as central Plovdiv Guesthouse (032-622-432, www.plovdivguesthouse.com, from €30 online).

For the cheapest digs, ask any local tourist office or agency to book you a chastni kvartiri (rental room) for $15-$20.

Stay in monastic simplicity (no hot water, in bed by 8pm) at Rila Monastery for $15 (07054-2208, www.bulgarianmonastery.com).

Other accommodation options

There are many types of places to spend the night in Bulgaria. Hotels are fine, but look beyond hotels—to B&Bs, or rental gîtes, farm stays or apartments or villas—and you can usually save money while having a more interesting stay at the same time.

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