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All Wet

I am staring at the reflection of my passport photo in the windshield. I’m on a road winding through the forested northwest slopes of Mt. Etna, and every time I pass from the treeshade to the sunlight on a curve, there it is: my face, with a silly grin; my signature, in Sharpie; the bold words USA (in frills), PHILADELPHIA […]

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Breaking the Rules and Wasting a Morning in Taormina

I must be seriously out of shape, mentally. This trip started with me breaking a trio of travel rules right off the bat: (1) I picked up a rental car at the airport (which always incurs an extra fee), (2) merely to drive it into downtown Palermo (never drive in a city–especially not an Italian city; and especially not a […]

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Thin Walls

You name a noise, the guy in the room next to me is making it. It’s 2 am, and he has been at it for the better part of an hour now. In fact, I’d wager good money that the body of the man in room 28 of the Hotel Pratic in Paris is emitting every sound possible outside of […]

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