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A Tall Frosty Mug of Real German…Wine?

The Rhine is one of Germany’s wine-producing regions. So was the Mosel, two nights ago. So will be Franconia, two days hence. Sometimes it seems every Teutonic nook and cranny has been declared “one of Germany’s best wine-producing regions.” That is all fine and well as far as it goes, but it means waiters are always trying to foist off […]

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The Bane of the Solo Traveler

I just checked into a hotel installed in the medieval gatehouse of mighty Burg Reichenstein, overlooking the valley of the Rhine River from on high. I was handed a room key, lugged my luggage upstairs, and opened the door to my third parking-lot view in a row. Chalk it up to the old “single rooms suck” law, which is aimed […]

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