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Biking Vieques’ Virgin Beaches and Kayaking the Bio Bay

I’ve learned never to argue with a man holding a machete. So when one of our guides, Mark Franco, Jr., whipped out his blade and said “Hey, you want to see something neat?” I simply hung my helmet on the handlebars of my rented Specialized Rockhopper and followed Mark into the jungle. Five minutes of hacking later, we arrived at […]

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Good Night, Sleep Tight…And That’s All

I’m a confirmed one-star hotel man. I get a quirky, self-satisfied thrill every time I snag a railroad narrow room with creaky wood floors, a wobbly chair and table rejected by a finer hotel back in 1963, a bare 20-watt bulb dangling on its wire from the ceiling, and a bathroom down the hall I have to share with the […]

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The Road to Sorrento

Delta did exactly zero things to impress me on my trip from JFK to Rome. The total waiting time from getting out of the car to striding up to my gate was 90 minutes, including 18 minutes shuffling up the sidewalk jut to get up to the front entrance. Then, they stuck me in seat 42E, the very back row […]

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Coming to Terms with the German Wine Thing (and the Viewless Rooms Thing)

I decided to skip the most famous town on the Romantic Road, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Last time I was there, dragging the boy scouts through Europe, I ended up in a shouting match with a giant tour bus. Well, the bus mostly just shouted, “BEEP!” It was one of those double-high jobbers where the passengers sit way up, leaning […]

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Braumeisters and Bullseyes

They call the Pegnitz a “river,” but on my drive downstream I didn’t see it get any wider than about 35 feet, if that. Most of the time is remained a little brown brook meandering through the wildflowers and half-timbered hamlets. It moved so slowly that stretches of the surface were flecked with lilypads topped by tiny white blossoms. Parting […]

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The Hunt for the Evil Brewmeister

After many oddly wine-centered meals in Germany, I am sure I’ll be for a beer in my future tonight. That’s because I am staying at Burg Veldenstein, the castle on the hill above Neuhaus am Pegnitz, a village of smart little red-rooved houses each painted a different pastel shade—robin’s egg, peach, canary, mint, pink. The lynchpin of the local economy […]

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The Bane of the Solo Traveler

I just checked into a hotel installed in the medieval gatehouse of mighty Burg Reichenstein, overlooking the valley of the Rhine River from on high. I was handed a room key, lugged my luggage upstairs, and opened the door to my third parking-lot view in a row. Chalk it up to the old “single rooms suck” law, which is aimed […]

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Breaking the Rules and Wasting a Morning in Taormina

I must be seriously out of shape, mentally. This trip started with me breaking a trio of travel rules right off the bat: (1) I picked up a rental car at the airport (which always incurs an extra fee), (2) merely to drive it into downtown Palermo (never drive in a city–especially not an Italian city; and especially not a […]

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Thin Walls

You name a noise, the guy in the room next to me is making it. It’s 2 am, and he has been at it for the better part of an hour now. In fact, I’d wager good money that the body of the man in room 28 of the Hotel Pratic in Paris is emitting every sound possible outside of […]

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