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Up the Blue Grotto without a Paddle…or a Boat

It’s the seventh wave that’ll get you. Oceans and seas across the world all craft waves the same way. They come in a simple sequence: each wave is larger and more powerful than the last. This sequence builds in a set cycle: the number of waves in each cycle is seven. And it’s the seventh wave that’ll get you. I’ve […]

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The Saint & the Sea Monster

The man could hold his own against sea monsters, so they say. He could also exorcise the possessed like nobody’s business. His name was Saint Antonino, and he gave up life as a hermit to tend to the spiritual well being, demonic possessions, miracle granting, pirate attacks, and general carpentry needs of the people of Sorrento. Antonino didn’t even want […]

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The Dangers of Dinner in Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the very few places in Italy where it is easier to eat badly than well. Mark it down to a constantly changing clientele—why bother putting yourself out to cook a great meal when the tourist you’re making it for is going to be gone tomorrow, never to return? The food at Hotel Loreley was just a […]

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Sorrento: Equidistant from Everywhere You’d Rather Be

Sorrento is a turnstile town, a gateway to other, far more interesting places. It’s the place to catch ferries to Capri, trains to Pompeii and Naples, buses down the Amalfi Coast. It’s a stopover to pick up your rental cars to get to your rental villa further out on the Sorrentine Peninsula, or hop the orange-topped launch back to your […]

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The Road to Sorrento

Delta did exactly zero things to impress me on my trip from JFK to Rome. The total waiting time from getting out of the car to striding up to my gate was 90 minutes, including 18 minutes shuffling up the sidewalk jut to get up to the front entrance. Then, they stuck me in seat 42E, the very back row […]

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