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Adventures in Dining

Of eating calf intestines, ox tails, sea snails, and sheep’s head stew—plus some edibles I was never able to determine what they were

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IT: Hong Kong for Free

Eight amazing free things to do, see, and learn in Hong Kong, from free tai chi and kung fu lessons to the art of the Chinese tea ceremony and feng shui “Now mount the tiger, then grasp the swallow’s tail.” The elderly Chinese gentleman was staring right at me, his loose, ivory silk Mao pajamas flapping in the breeze. My […]

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Hiking the hills of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Trail

Hong Kong is not a city. More than two-thirds of it is green: shady parks, farmland, and open space crisscrossed by more than 180 miles of hiking trails

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The Winter Wolves of Yellowstone
Yellowstone wolves

Following the Druid Peak wolf pack through the winter landscape of Yellowstone National Park.

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Now you can do Budapest in a long weekend

Budapest is the Europe you’ve been looking for: fine wines, decorative buildings, genuine people, hearty cuisine, elegant baths, marvelously convoluted history, and low, low prices.

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Runde Ecke: The Stasi Museum of Leipzig

How East Germany’s ideological dictatorship turned calculated cruelty into a daily routine at Leipzig’s former Stasi (secret police) headquarters

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Broken boats, injuries, & other brushes with death

Our 41-foot Hunter was called Blue Moon, but we nicknamed it “The Camry,” because on two separate occasions we found ourselves in a situation in which we could sail it just fine. We just couldn’t make it stop…

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Should tourists go to North Korea?

So, now Americans can visit North Korea year-round (not just during the big showcase Arirang spectacle of creepily syncronized kindergarten kids). The real question is: should we be going at all?

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New passport, how do I hate thee?…

I hate the new jingoistic passports. I’m not just talking about the truly horrendous digitized photograph of me that makes me look like a shiny, blubbery, 450-pound rubberized simulacrum of myself…

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Brooklyn B&Bs

Here are the closest B&Bs and inns in Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Park Slope, Brooklyn. View Larger Map

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