Of eating calf intestines, ox tails, sea snails, and sheep’s head stew—plus some edibles I was never able to determine what they were

lizards on a stick

I am not entirely sure why street markets in Hong Kong sell dried lizards on sticks like lollipops. I'm also not sure why my assumption that it has something to do with "Chinese medicine" and not "after school snack" makes it any less disturbing.

I grew up a fussy eater—I’m not kidding; I used to pick the seeds off my strawberries—but I more than make up for it these days.

While I’m still partial to comfort food at home, on the road I’ll try anything. No foreign food is too disgusting, obscure, or of questionable provenance. If it’s unidentifiable and fried AND comes on a stick, I’ll probably order three.

A litany of unfortunate menu items

I’ve enjoyed pasta with raw sea urchin, veal cutlets with brain fritters, and indigestion with prairie oysters (a.k.a. Rocky Mountain oysters, a.k.a what ranchers cook when all they have is frying oil and the, er, leftovers from castrating steers). I once ate a whole frog: fried, chilled, and soaked in vinegar—though in my defense, I didn’t realize that’s what I was ordering at the time…

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