Eight amazing free things to do, see, and learn in Hong Kong, from free tai chi and kung fu lessons to the art of the Chinese tea ceremony and feng shui

Free tai chi lessons in Hong Kong

The free morning Tai Chi lesson on Hong Kong's Kowloon waterfront

“Now mount the tiger, then grasp the swallow’s tail.” The elderly Chinese gentleman was staring right at me, his loose, ivory silk Mao pajamas flapping in the breeze.

My arms ached, my foot was twisted around backwards, and I realized with a rising sense of panic that I had no idea what he was asking me to do.

I stared beyond the barges, ferries, and sampans crisscrossing Victoria Harbour to the endless skyline of Hong Kong cloaked in morning mist, took a deep breath, and twisted my body through what I hoped at least resembled the proper movements…

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