From €38 ($47)

Cortijo La Torrera

A 150-year-old traditional Spanish cortijo (country farmhouse) in the Sierra Nevada mountains


I really have only two things to say:

  1. Look at the pictures above.
  2. Now look at the price.

Wow. I mean, it’s not fancy, but if it's a rural retreat you're after, the price is unbeatable.

This is a 150-year-old traditional Spanish cortijo (country farmhouse) lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, about 90 minutes outside Granada—a countryside retreat that's nonetheless less than two miles from the beaches of the Costa del Sol.

It's small: just four doubles, a cottage (sleeping up to four), and the farmhouse itself (sleeping up to six).

The rooms all have separate entrances, a small pool, wine bar, and a reading/TV room.


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