From €59 ($72)

Hotel Barceló Isla Canela

An immaculate modern resort hotel in Ayamonte on the Costa del Luz


It's a resort, yes, but a relatively modestly sized one, and very nice with thoroughly reasonable rates. (And in truth, some beachgoers are after a resort, not a B&B, So I figure we owe it to them to find the best version of that out there.)

It's also on Isla Canela, a far less developed and less package tour-saturated beach, but a pretty one, where low tide creates many small sandbar islands.

It lies at the far north end of Costa del Luz—in fact, some rooms facing west probably have views over Portugal, which is just across the Rio Guadiana channel 1.6 miles away.

It doesn't expressly state there's a two-night minumum, but it is hard to book for just one night.

Open May to October.


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