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116-Yoho, Yoho, It’s over the Pass We Go

We marched out to the van two by two–we always have to try and confuse hoteliers as to how many more people than we claimed we had were actually crammed into their rooms–and munched on cold, greasy pizza for breakfast as we drove east into Yoho National Park ( Yoho receives a mere fraction of the visitors at world renowned […]

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116-Down Mt. Revelstoke At High Speed

We could tell we were in a strange, foreign land just from the roadside billboards: “CORN (Coming Soon)” “British Columbia Improvement Project; End of Project” “WARNING: Killer Highway Ahead” “Executive Realty, Call Us First” (and no phone number) “Studies Show Guys Like Cold Beer (That Was A Waste of Money)” As we wended our way east on the Transcanada Highway, […]

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116-The Sun Never Sets from Australia to Canada

Troop 116 was an hour late, but in 116 terms that’s about four hours before I expected them. No worries, though, as it took me a full 90 minutes making my way through the Vancouver airport, given the grilling I got from immigration and, later, customs when–for the first time in my life (and I travel an obscene amount)–I got […]

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Biking Vieques’ Virgin Beaches and Kayaking the Bio Bay

I’ve learned never to argue with a man holding a machete. So when one of our guides, Mark Franco, Jr., whipped out his blade and said “Hey, you want to see something neat?” I simply hung my helmet on the handlebars of my rented Specialized Rockhopper and followed Mark into the jungle. Five minutes of hacking later, we arrived at […]

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Entirely the Wrong Witch

It is around 9pm on the last day of October, All Hallow’s Eve. Back home, in America, it is Halloween, and everywhere kids are looking forward to the end of the school day when they can dress up and hit the streets to fill pillowcases with candy begged from the neighbors. Here in Venice, it is simply October 31, the […]

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The Sisters Picchi & the Nobel Prize

Why are there a dozen people crammed into Sorelle Picchi, one of many little salumerie (delis) along Parma’s Via Farini? More to the point, why are none of them ordering three etti of prosciutto, a kilo of pecorino, and a box of homemade pasta from old Claudio, who stands behind the counter carefully bundling up giant wedges of aged parmigiano […]

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Good Night, Sleep Tight…And That’s All

I’m a confirmed one-star hotel man. I get a quirky, self-satisfied thrill every time I snag a railroad narrow room with creaky wood floors, a wobbly chair and table rejected by a finer hotel back in 1963, a bare 20-watt bulb dangling on its wire from the ceiling, and a bathroom down the hall I have to share with the […]

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Bologna the Fat

They call this place “Bologna the Fat.” And for good reason. Every Italian region is justifiably proud of its own cuisine—considers it in fact to be the best in the whole world. But ask any Italian to name just one region, one region in all of Italy, that’s known above all for its culinary prowess and he’ll admit: it’s Emilia-Romagna. […]

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Up the Blue Grotto without a Paddle…or a Boat

It’s the seventh wave that’ll get you. Oceans and seas across the world all craft waves the same way. They come in a simple sequence: each wave is larger and more powerful than the last. This sequence builds in a set cycle: the number of waves in each cycle is seven. And it’s the seventh wave that’ll get you. I’ve […]

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Big Brother Berlusconi

You think Bush has got the U.S. press well tamed (Katrina outrage notwithstanding)? He’s got nothing on Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s wily master of corporate greed-turned-Prime Minster. Back when he got the country’s Top Job, Berlusconi refused calls to divest himself of some his businesses, claming to see no conflict of interest between his and his companies’ holdings and the greater […]

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